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I’m an ER Nurse. These bad boys open Flagyl like a beast. That’s all you need to hear. Great shears, for sure, I’m gonna buy them for my Tech’s on Tech Week. I like them way better than Raptors. I’ll probably buy myself a couple more sets just in case they stop making them. I think this is the best Trauma Shear on the market, and I’ve seen them all.
Being in the emergency medicine field for over 10 years, I’ve used my fair share of trauma shears. These are now my favorite pair. They are sharp and will cut through almost anything. They are very smooth which is hard to say for cheaper brands of shears. These are a great quality pair of shears! Definitely recommend them!
ER LIFE© was founded in October of 2013 by Kevin Arnold. Working as a charge nurse in a local ER he thought of how he could make nurses more fashionable and comfortable at work. ER LIFE© designed the original ER (sinus rhythm) Life symbol. Kevin originally printed his own shirts and others liked the idea. He then spread his designs through websites, Etsy, and eBay. ER LIFE©APPAREL is now sold throughout the USA and is well known in the Emergency Room environment.
We have had over 1000 successful sales and are still growing. Kevin has started a full commercial screen printing and embroidery shop that caters to the brand and other printers alike. Throughout this journey we have added jackets that are embroidered and also moisture wicking shirts. We recently invented our ER LIFE ONE SHEAR™ an Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ trauma shear with Diamond  (DLC) coating. The DLC coating far out weights its black titanium competitors.  The ONE SHEAR™ has set many new standards with it’s premium steel and coating in the trauma shear industry. This trauma shear is ideal for anyone in the marine, EMS, nursing, tactical, paramedic, or medical community.  We now have set up our international distribution and will be a global powerhouse in the medical supply industry.


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ER LIFE® Blog Beginnings

2018, So far has been great to our Family and Company.  We have learned throughout our process and have evolved into a more streamlined company. 

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