ONE SHEAR™ New Colorways Launched


ER LIFE® Apparel & ONE SHEAR™ is glad to introduce our new colorways.  We have added multiple single color shears like the highly demanded orange, tan, and gray.  Also, our new color combinations support local sports teams, LEO, and firefighter/ paramedics.  We found that there is a large gap of shear colors in the industry, so we just filled it.  Now we have many colorways that appeal to all Healthcare providers, enthusiasts, tactical groups, and people just looking for an amazing shear!

These shear are all 7.5″ Long and fit in almost every basic tactical holster or 5.11 style pants.  Our traditional ONE SHEAR™ has out Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™.  It is coated with our Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) black finish for an ultrastrong and scratch-resistant finish.  We are constantly trying to innovate and update our shears to be on top of quality and market standards.  Our goal is to make the best shear we can and make it just as affordable as our competitor’s low-grade J2 420 Titanium coated shears.  Check out our comparisons of shears and our specs on our ER LIFE® ONE SHEAR™.

If there are any other colors you would like to see please feel free to Contact Us and also if there are any other items you would like us to carry.