Love that Red Cup from your college days?  Check this out!  Today’s review is on the Wyld Gear Solo Cup inspired insulated tumbler by Wyld Gear.  We purchased the Red Cup version for its nostalgic feel.

This is called The Wyld Cup™ Collection.  They come in 3 different oz selections 16 oz, 24 oz, and the big boy 32oz.  I can see this cup becoming widely used by colleges around the world and also in hip hop as the new Dope Lean cup.

About Wyld Gear:

Wyld Gear was born with the idea that there is always another summit to climb, another fish to catch and another product to improve.  We have taken the best manufacturers and designers and challenged them to ascend to new heights. Our goal is to always be improving.
Whether its outdoor clothing to coolers and cups, we know the pinnacle is never achieved.  We are proud of our products and are excited to bring you new items to make your adventures Wyld!

This ideology is awesome as it is very similar behind our products.  We challenged the industry to make better products and continually innovate. 


  • Non Slip Rubber Grippy Base
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Double Steel Lined
  • Sweat Proof
  • One of the best sealing lids in the game
  • Smooth mouth lid
  • 24 HR cold
  • 6 HR hold
  • Built in measuring based off the rings




$19.99  for 16 oz

$24.99 for 24 oz

$29.99 for 32 oz

Our Review:

Overall Build:  Looks great and reminiscent of our college years playing beer pong or flip cup.  The nostalgic feel is awesome.  Feels well built and great quality

Weight:  Great weight and feel to it.  Very solid piece.

Features:  The features are very similar to other insulated tumblers or cups.  The nonslip bottom with rubber grip was a great idea and holds well on counters.  I also like the extra branding applied to the rubber.  The small details make the quality feel so much higher than others.

Lid:  Lid is a darker/ smoky color.  This looks great.   Much better than clear.  The new sliding lid is amazing and seals very well.  It is similar to a Yeti lid minus the magnet and feels like a quality item.  

Mouth Feel/ Sip: Feels Great overall.  Upper lip feel is comfortable and it has a generous smooth opening.  My biggest con with the design is the lower lip channels fluid under the rolled lip.  It can cause leaking around the mouth.  This would be a perfect tumbler if the rolled part was welded or sealed off.  It also poses a risk of being hard to clean under the lip which longterm may face bacteria issues.

4.5 stars Highly recommended.  Great Price and build.  Only con is the rolled lip with some leaking of fluid while taking a pull.

 American Coffee Roasters eat your heart out?  Today’s review is on the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s AK Espresso & SS Silencer Smooth coffee.  We bought these with whole bean for a fresh grind and brew using the Aeropress.  We love a great cup of Mud here at ER LIFE.  The hunt for the best roasters is still on!   This review was based on the recommendation of IG @theusaflagstop.

BRCC Mission statement:

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium, small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company. We develop our explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus we learned as military members serving this great country and are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, we give back.

By importing high-quality coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil and roasting them daily at our facilities in Nashville and Salt Lake City, we ship the highest quality product directly to you. The best way to enjoy our freedom-filled coffee is with the Black Rifle Coffee Club. When you join the club, your chosen brew is roasted, packaged, and shipped free to your door on your schedule. Not only do you save a trip to the store, you receive special discounted pricing on roasts and gain access to exclusive products, member-only content, partner discounts, and more.




$14.99  per 12 oz

This blend is a light Colombian and dark Brazilian coffee.  

Notes: Rich nutty aroma, citrus, and dark chocolate.

Our Review:

Smell: Sweet, chocolaty, slight hint of fruit/ citrus

Initial Taste: Medium bodied, smooth, low acidity, chocolate notes,  slight roasted taste 

After Taste: Pleasant, fruity, medium bean flavor

FIVE STAR Highly recommended.  Great Price and company mission that gives back.  We love the blend of Light and Dark as the Brazilian bean presents with a more bold taste that is very pleasant.  



$14.99 12 oz

This blend is a traditional light roast featuring Arabica Beans.  Great for a late night cup of Joe or a breakfast coffee.

Notes: Earthy , mild sweet smell, hint of fruit/ citrus

Our Review:

Smell: earthy, nutty

Initial Taste: low acidity, very light taste, mild chocolate notes  

After Taste: pleasant and quick,  slight sweet taste, very mild flavor dissipates quickly

Five STAR; option for light roasted preferred patrons.  Our goto cup of coffee for dessert and or mid day cup.

 Are you a First Responder or just a coffee lover?  Here at ER LIFE Coffee is just as important as life.  We have been on the hunt for some of the best coffee roasters in the industry.  This week we gave Component Coffee Lab a try.  We got the recommendation from a follower on Instagram two weeks ago.  We never heard of the company prior to the purchase.

The first thing we noticed while browsing CCL website was that their coffee appeared to be uniquely sourced.  They had very specific and unique areas in the world from which they curated their coffee beans.  As a premium inspired company we were very intrigued.  So we jumped in beans deep and purchased two bags.  

Peru- Cajamarca


$17.00  per 12 oz

Farm: Chirinos > La Palma

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700m – 1900m

Notes: Brown Sugar, Sunsugar Tomato, Fudge

First thing we saw was the high altitude which is known for the low acidity.  

Our Review:

Smell: earthy, fruity, chocolate notes

Initial Taste: Fruity, sweet, chocolate, smooth, very low acidity 

After Taste: Pleasant, fruity, medium bean flavor

FIVE STAR Highly recommended.  Price is slightly higher, but worth it!




$17.00 12 oz

Producer: El Milagro- Juan Villatoro

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1900m

Notes: Vanilla, Pluot, Brownie

Our Review:

Smell: earthy, nutty

Initial Taste: mild acidic, light roast bean flavor, chocolate  

After Taste: earthy, chocolate, mild bean flavor remains

Four STAR; option for light roasted preferred patrons.  Price is slightly higher than comparables. 

Looking for an Extreme Heavy Duty Trauma Shear for industrial use and or Healthcare?  Our ER LIFE ONE SHEAR is nothing short of amazing.  It was able to successfully cut 12g stranded copper wire with a thick Nylon coating on the outside. Today we were installing a Amp Millimeter on our CO2 Laser engraver.  This amp will allow us to dial in our power setting per various applications of materials.  In order to install this we had to rewire the meter to the laser tube and power source.   We chose 12g Stranded copper THHN for its ability to conduct high voltage and be able to string without conduit. Those who are not familiar with electrical or THHN; here is some more information. THHN stands for “Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated.” THHN is a designation for a specific insulation material, temperature rating, and condition of use (suitable for dry and damp locations) for electrical wire and cable.  More about this at Our shear did amazing at cutting this material with no issues.  As you will see in the video it cuts multiple times with a crisp snap.  This is due to the great blade registration and strong cenerbolt.  One of the great things about the ER LIFE ONE SHEAR is the use of Bohler M390 steel.  This steel has a high HRC Rockwell allowing it to penetrate softer metals without chipping.  It has a superior edge retention over all the competitor in the trauma shear market as they use a soft J2 420 metal.  That metal is the lowest grade in the industry and the same as household shears. Also with the pairing of a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating; the metal is protected from the copper while cutting through the casing.  This reinforce the steel and protects it from blade chips or damage.  This coating is the best in the industry as Diamond is the Mohs marker for hardness and scratch resistance. Check out our site for all of your Extreme Heavy Duty Trauma Shear needs! The ONE SHEAR You Will Ever Need!