About ER LIFE®

  • First started out as a completion for a colleague of his idea for screen printed shirt for JFK hospital
  • The dream then turned into creating an athletic apparel brand
  • The need was seen by Emergency Rooms for new Swag
  • Grimm Athletics ended and Arnold Prints was created
  • Heat press vinyl added
  • Basic screen printing added
  • ArnoldPrints.com website added
  • New Designs created
  • DTG printer added and sublimation
  • ER LIFE® Brand moved into surround hospitals
  • Expansion of ArnoldPrints.com website to full service and professional look
  • A buyout of screen print business for equipment acquisition
  • Solvent Printer added for banners and stickers
  • Embroidery machine added
  • Accounts grew through the USA
  • Etsy shop created and selling items
  • ER LIFE® Apparel Website created
  • Additional screen printing equipment purchased
  • 6 additional embroidery machines acquired
  • The idea to sell to ER Nurse at conferences and around America initiated
  • ERLIFEAPPAREL.com creation and soon to launch
Our company ER LIFE® was founded by Kevin Arnold, RN, BSN  Charge Nurse of a local Emergency Room in the South Florida area.  He continues to work 3 shifts a week and produced ER LIFE® apparel on days he is not on shift.  He has opened a full online custom printing store and physical.  Kevin has also opened up doorways to Etsy and with the launch of ERLifeapparel.com he will spread the word to Emergency Rooms throughout the country.   ER LIFE® Uniting ER Nurses and First Responders