Love that Red Cup from your college days?  Check this out!  Today’s review is on the Wyld Gear Solo Cup inspired insulated tumbler by Wyld Gear.  We purchased the Red Cup version for its nostalgic feel.

This is called The Wyld Cup™ Collection.  They come in 3 different oz selections 16 oz, 24 oz, and the big boy 32oz.  I can see this cup becoming widely used by colleges around the world and also in hip hop as the new Dope Lean cup.

About Wyld Gear:

Wyld Gear was born with the idea that there is always another summit to climb, another fish to catch and another product to improve.  We have taken the best manufacturers and designers and challenged them to ascend to new heights. Our goal is to always be improving.
Whether its outdoor clothing to coolers and cups, we know the pinnacle is never achieved.  We are proud of our products and are excited to bring you new items to make your adventures Wyld!

This ideology is awesome as it is very similar behind our products.  We challenged the industry to make better products and continually innovate. 


  • Non Slip Rubber Grippy Base
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Double Steel Lined
  • Sweat Proof
  • One of the best sealing lids in the game
  • Smooth mouth lid
  • 24 HR cold
  • 6 HR hold
  • Built in measuring based off the rings




$19.99  for 16 oz

$24.99 for 24 oz

$29.99 for 32 oz

Our Review:

Overall Build:  Looks great and reminiscent of our college years playing beer pong or flip cup.  The nostalgic feel is awesome.  Feels well built and great quality

Weight:  Great weight and feel to it.  Very solid piece.

Features:  The features are very similar to other insulated tumblers or cups.  The nonslip bottom with rubber grip was a great idea and holds well on counters.  I also like the extra branding applied to the rubber.  The small details make the quality feel so much higher than others.

Lid:  Lid is a darker/ smoky color.  This looks great.   Much better than clear.  The new sliding lid is amazing and seals very well.  It is similar to a Yeti lid minus the magnet and feels like a quality item.  

Mouth Feel/ Sip: Feels Great overall.  Upper lip feel is comfortable and it has a generous smooth opening.  My biggest con with the design is the lower lip channels fluid under the rolled lip.  It can cause leaking around the mouth.  This would be a perfect tumbler if the rolled part was welded or sealed off.  It also poses a risk of being hard to clean under the lip which longterm may face bacteria issues.

4.5 stars Highly recommended.  Great Price and build.  Only con is the rolled lip with some leaking of fluid while taking a pull.