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2018, So far has been great to our Family and Company.  We have learned throughout our process and have evolved into a more streamlined company.  We are dedicated to providing useful and topnotch apparel for Healthcare workers and strengthen our profession.

What will ER LIFE® do with a blog one might ask?  Well, simply put we will give updates of our company, our profession, education, and events related to our great profession.  Our blog is a single series of many to come.  In the future a YouTube channel may be on the horizon; for more precise and in-depth conversation.  We look forward to testing awesome products in our profession and then …. you guessed it GIVING THEM AWAY!  This is a great opportunity to help grow our brand and help others in tune with our profession.  Nothing like learning about amazing gear with amazing reviews than getting free stuff in our contest giveaways.  We also will collaborate with some of our other YouTube stars and local stars for interviews.

Keep an eye out for more.  As every life should be a great one.  Especially if you live the ER LIFE ®. 

Welcome to the family!