Looking for a High-Quality Custom Fixed Blade Knife?  Today’s review is on the Mini Ditch OTWB/ neck Knife by P.H.L. Knives out of Pennsylvania.

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We now have two of these incredible handcrafted knives.  They are created by Rich the owner of P.H.L. Knives in Philadelphia, PA.  Utilizing 80CRV2 High-quality steel with a high HRC level around 59-60 we got a hard-on for this knife….  You know us we like our high HRC premium steels and top in industry coatings! No Utility steel from these guys.  Leave the 420 J2 for your gas station knives lol. These blades were a passion out of necessity from living in Philly that is like a modern-day war field.  Stop at a stop sign get ready to shoot or shank type environment. You don’t travel unless planned and with a purpose. This little guy conceals on the waistband no problem and also hangs as a neck knife. 


This model is a Mini Ditch series with 80CRV2 Steel and an incredible acid finish.  It also features a G10 textured grip that is amazing. You won’t have to fear your grip slipping with this guy as you shank your adversary.  Also, the aggressive Jimping on top makes for a more dexterous friendly action while doing small work or if you are seeking positive hand blade placement. 


Weight: 3oz


Blade: Fixed with 4.75mm steel with a taper down to a super-strong tip at 0.7mm

Handle: G10 material with textured grip appears CNC milled.

Holster: Waist or Neck Kydex holster with neck lanyard optional

Steel: 80CRV2 

HRC: 59-60

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Great EDC Knife! Super small and compact but thick metal so you don’t have to worry about this thing breaking. The blade is super sharp and the handle texture and colors is amazing. Nice Jimping on top for positive hand placement and a non slip grip. The blade finish is also unique and matches the overall look well. It also came with a nice waistband kydex system that works flawlessly. It can be worn on the waist band or by lanyard no problem. Highly recommended! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



5 Stars Highly recommended.  Great Price and build.