Looking For The Highest Quality Trauma Shear In The Market?

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German M390 Bohler Steel
Diamond Coated
G9 Handles

M390 Extreme Steel

Looking for amazing steel in your trauma shears?

We have imported the highest quality M390 Steel which is far superior to Japan’s common use J2 420 Hardened steel along with 440HC steels.  This is a first in the Trauma Shear industry and considered a premium steel in the knife industry.  M390 Steel has characteristics of high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance that surpasses common tool J2 420 steel seen in almost all of the competitors on the market.  We decide to use one of the best steels in the industry (M390) to provide the best shear possible at an affordable rate.  Why pay for discount J2 420 steel products our competitor use along with inexpensive titanium coating when you could have the best… ONE SHEAR. Our shears are 3mm thick M390 Stainless Steel; almost 2.5x thicker than your typical trauma shears.  Our steel properties are some of the hardest Rockwell in the industry along with high corrosion resistance.  If you were to put our specs and materials into a modern day knife it would easily retail for $100-$300.  Our mission is to make the best equipment available to make your jobs easier and ultimately save more lives.  We have created this shear with better materials and have decided not to increase our pricing to meet the need of Saving More Lives!

Diamond Coating (DLC)

Our Trademarked Diamond Coated Trauma Shears are the only trauma shear in the industry to use Diamond Coating.  Why you may ask?  Because no coating is stronger than our Diamond Coated Trauma Shears.  These coatings are the best in the industry and only found on high-end products such as $5000 watches and $500 knives.  We are able to provide this high-quality coating due to our involvement and volume orders through our production partners.  This means you get the best prices possible and a superior product.


Don’t fall for the Fluoride coated or Titanium coated traps.  These coatings are far less superior and typically are used to strengthen cheaper steel such as J2 420 that our competitors use and the same steel seen in most household scissors.  M390 steel has the highest quality steel and strength.  When combined with Diamond Coatings it is insanely hard and resistant to chemicals.  M390 is know for it high Rockwell and combine with Scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and hardening DLC coating.  No shear can compare to the ONE SHEAR Extreme duty.  Our customers tell us all the time they are resistant to scratching and are so hard that shards of metal they cut can be seen falling off them.

G9 Nylon Glass Filled Handles

Our handles complement our amazing steel.  The handle properties are highly flame and heat resistant.  This G9 combination also will resist cracking and the pressure from cutting thick and or strong items.  This is another industry highest current standard for trauma shears.  Our current finish has a Matte/ Semi Gloss finish.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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