Shear Madness!: Top Trauma Shear Comparison

Are you tired of the same old trauma shear?  We have tried many over the years and we cannot explain how frustrating it is to do one day of cutting and the blades are dull.  This is mostly common with the cheap/ economical shears you can find around.  These are the ones that you toss in the trash easily and don’t really care as much losing.  Most of the lower end shears are from China and or Tiawan.  They use the cheapest plastics and the cheapest metals.  This is why we tend to get dull blades fast and or bending.

The market now has a few upgraded and high-end options.  These are very sharp, durable, functional, and will last.  Some of the top brands Like Leatherman and X-Shear even have warranties on craftsman ship.  Try to get a warranty from China direct.   Good Luck….

Top Pick

Leatherman® Raptor®

This is an amazing product.  Leatherman® has really thought hard on how to create a custom multi-tool Trauma Shear.  This shear has been seen all around local Emergency Rooms and with EMS.  Recently is has a great following in the tactical realm as well.  Leatherman® is known for great craftsmanship and a 25 year warranty.  This is the best in the market hands down and they will own up to it.  This company has been around for years and continues to put out great tools.  

I have a personal friend that uses the shears everyday as a tech.  These shears held up for years.  Eventually after cutting plaster for casting one too many times; the shears got gummed up from the fiberglass material.  A quick email and send the shears off and BOOM!  He got refurbished and or new shears back.  If anything breaks they standby their products.  Really a great company.

Features of Leatherman’s® Raptor®

  • 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Folding mechanism
  • Strap Cutter
  • Ring Cutter
  • Ruler (5cm)  Great for EKG strips too
  • Oxygen Tank Wrench
  • Carbide Glass Breaker
  • Lanyard Loop
  • Holster
  • Pocket Clio
  • 25 year Warranty


  • Price Point is steep on of the higest in the market $69.99
  • Carbide Glass breaker will wear your pants or scrubs down 
  • Possibly too many un-needed features for most hospital based employees
  • Limited colors of handles
  • No non slip coating on handles

2nd Pick


This is a great shear.  It has a simple form with just straight cutting performance.  No bells and whistles just super sharp and a 5 year warranty.  We spoke with the Owner Wes and he was so kind to send us a pair to review.  We have used these extensively and found it superior to other economical traditional shears.  A fair point at $35-$40.  You can almost buy two pairs compared to buying the Leatherman shears.  These shear were very promising in the hospital setting.  We put them to the test in our local ER and found them to cut through almost anything.  Except that cellphone that was in the front pocket….  We cut shoes off , belts, bras, necklaces, and almost did a circumcision.  Thick blades and quality feel is all you need.  These provide just that and make a great daily EDC.

Features of XSHEAR

  • 3mm thick Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Sharp edge
  • Black titanium coating on certain models
  • Blunt tip design
  • Curved design to cut away from patient
  • Soft inner touch handles for non slip
  • Heavy duty center bolt for adjusting if needed
  • Easily found on the web
  • Great owner Wes
  • 90 day No hassle Money Back Guarantee
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • No o2 wrench for medics
  • Price is slightly higher than cheaper economical shears
  • Black finish has dust when first removing from package.  Time will tell on abrasion testing and cleaning wipes.
  • Soft touch inner handle coating is not 100% seamless with handle.  Appears to be molded. 
  • The metal used appears to be the same as household shears just thicker.
  • No holster